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JDBMaker  v.rc

JDBMaker is a general purpose database manager written in Java.It creates the database structure starting from the java beans with a very rigid mapping from the bean to tables.JDBMaker replies the pointer logic into the database

JInspector  v.0.8.0

JInspector is a platform independant administration tool for databases. It works with database servers understanding standard SQL and providing a JDBC driver. Several views let you display, create and modify the database structure and

DbRevision  v.1.0

DbRevision project aimed to help developers implement automatic upgrade database structure from one reversion to other. DB structure described in independent, XML-based format. All upgrade actions described in XML too.

CompareDB  v.1.0

CompareDB is a web-based database structure comparison tool.

Emerald Data Store  v.1.0

Emerald Data Store this is a network file store which implement three (or more) network file systems as FTP, NFS and SMB/CIFS. File system in this data store is a model based on relational database structure. As the database we use Firebird.

OpenCCRC  v.1.0

Database structure and associated Qt4 applications for integrating and sharing resident health care, billing, and other information for CCRC's (Continuing Care Retirement Community).

Mother: a postgresql orm for python  v.1.0

Mother could be considered as a Object Relational Mapper with a strongintrospection and self-adaption capability. In fact, configuration files, tables, fields and keys declarations are not needed, because Mother knows the database structure herself.

Ms2pg  v.1.0

Imgration database structure and data from sql server express to postgresql database

4k Mapping Web Service  v.1.0

A web service for displaying dynamic maps produced from UMN MapServer. The maps are based on registries from the Harvest Information System, and the database structure allows the storing of demographics for each registry.

MySQLJavaBackup  v.1.0

Use this library to backup your MySQL Database from your Java code. This library only backs up the data, not the database structure(Future Releases). So when restoring the backup file, you must ensure that the database is created and fully functional.

YAES  v.1.0

Yet Another E-Shop is a project of five students from University of Applied Science Esslingen who study Business Process Management. The aim of the project is to build up a strong and powerful database structure.

Open Designer  v.1.0

Open Designer is a graphical Conceptual and Physical Data Modeler and a Code Generator either to create the database structure and genenate applications automatically.

Backend generator  v.1.0

The utility to generate database structure and the back-end administration panel.

Open Saymon  v.0.0.1

An automatic tool for automation of Software Engineering Processes (artifacts) defined in a Incremental Life-Cycle. Currently developing a tool capable of inferring the Database Structure of an application.

CherryPy and Elixir webapp framework  v.1.0

This is intended to ease the development of web applications using CherryPy (web server) and Elixir (DB access) with python. It will contain structures to easily setup the database structure and populate with data, and to configure the server

Free Database Compare  v.2.0

The Free Database Compare application will allow you to compare the structure of two databases and display all the differences between them. Supported databases include: SQL Server (All Editions), MySQL and Access databases.

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