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PXUPGR  v.1.31

The presented package gives the 32 bit Delphi programmers a tool for changing Paradox database structure at run time. Instead of having to call different routines for different types of structure changes, all supported restructure actions can be

MaNGOS Database Manager  v.1.0

MaNGOS Database Manager is an application written in Visual Basic .NET for the Massive Network GameObject Server Database which helps to view and manipulate data which is pulled from the MaNGOS database structure.

Database diagram generator  v.32.2007.08.29

sql2diagram converts sql scripts to diagrams in the XML format dia, which can be viewed and further maintained with the dia drawing program. It is a good help for the documentation of a database structure. It provides HTML output as well.

Internet Soccer Database  v.1.0

The Internet Soccer Database aims to build a database structure that can contain all fixtures/results/statistics/odds information for any soccer league/competition. Once the structure is defined the data will be populated and made available for analysis

Phrepo - PHP Database Repository  v.1.0

Implementation of the Repository design pattern in PHP. Goals of this project are to make accessing database tables simple, regardless of the database structure and to produce the most efficient queries for each type of database

SQLScriptGenerator  v.0.9.2

Using SQLScriptGenerator you can connect to your local or remove SQL Server and generate T-SQL script of the whole database or just database structure or just data or specific database objects. In the result it generates one or several *.sql files

PediTree  v.1.0

PediTree is a new software package to recursively analyse plant pedigree data which is arranged in a simple-single table database structure.

D-softs DB Compare  v.1.31

DBC ensuring your applications don't fail due to a missing database structure object DBC (Database Compare) is a fast, comprehensive database structure and data comparison tool.DBC can compares the schema of two Microsoft SQL Server databases and

DbVisualizer  v.4.0.4

DbVisualizer is a cross-platform database tool for all major relational databases. DbVisualizer enables simultaneous connections to many different databases through JDBC drivers. Just point and click to browse the database structure, view detailed

Tool for Organizing Your Schemas  v.1.0.17

A Microsoft Windows tool for comparing Oracle database schemas. The tool facilitates taking snapshots of the database structure (meta-data) and saving these snapshots as XML files. Snapshots can be compared to determine what has changed over time.

DBMonkey  v.1.0

DBMonkey is an ORM (Object-Relational Mapper) for PHP 5. It will reverse-engineer your database structure and build objects on

Dbback - MySQL back-up manager  v.1.0

PHP based MySQL database back-up manager. It reads database structure/data and makes .sqlback-up files. The main features of the package are one/multiple database back-up creation, one/multiple .sql file restore, delete sql

D4Modelizer  v.1.0

D4Modelizer is a simple but powerful code generator. It produces C# code from your Database. Each table could be mapped to an object and its fields in properties. D4Modelizer propose a mapping schema between the database structure and the object

DBSA  v.0.1

DBSA (DataBase Structure Analysis) is a tool for comparing schema snapshots. Differences are reported and an SQL patch can be generated. It includes a basic repository facility for schema history

EditDB  v.b.0.2

EditDB is a database front-end wriiten in Java (JDBC used) for editing content of databases. Various details about database structure can be viewed. In edit mode, special help is provided to the user when s/he edits foreign or private

GeboGebo Wiki  v.1.2.1

A small but powerful Wiki. All data is stored in a local database structure which makes it very fast. It has a lot of modern wiki features as AutoLink, RSS or for example static page

GenAd  v.b3.0

The idea behind this project is to design a website database structure, language-independent and build & link the CRUD pages needed to manipulate this data consistently in a specific language (jsp, php, or another), the same applies for the DB

GGDBCompare  v.0.1

A database structure comparison utility. In its current state, it is written for the dotNet 1.1 framework in Visual Basic, using the SQLDMO object for interacting with Microsoft SQL Server 2000.The purpose of this tool is to provide an automated

IUTC  v.2

This is php-written web application ( installer ) that can work with any databaseTrying to make programers able to focus on the database structure itself not the

Javascript Remote Socket  v.1.0.3b

Allowed browser to have live communication without designing a complicated database structure and yet provides flexibilities to the

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